Friday, February 10, 2017

Emancipation Proclamation And Civil War

This time I picked Freedom as my theme, which has to do with the slaves in the civil war. President Abraham Lincoln  insisted that the war was not about slavery. Any way most northern Americans were not interested in fighting to free slaves. This link describes African American freedom. I am positive with that even the federal government had a harder time to decide what to do about the escaping slaves. but at the end of the war, the slaves were free and the American open a new chapter which was the Thirteenth Amendment.

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Getting ahead in the American Revolution

As you remember, my topic is the American Dream. This has to do with the country's economy, and the objectives of its residents. This dream wasn't always American, in fact colonists tried to be as British as possible. One way they did this was by consuming tea. This link describes the culture of tea in colonial America. Tea was not a dietary necessity, but a way for colonists to spend their disposable income. So they resented it when Britain taxed tea, and started to imagine their own social and economic priorities.

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

The Colonial Period

As you remember, my theme is the American Dream. For this entry, I have to relate it to our colonial unit. I found the following link. It describes the colonial economy, which was largely based on subsistence. In fact, self-sufficiency may have been the American dream then. But there were also some lucrative commodities, such as tobacco and furs. I was interested to see that British investors found it hard to make a profit in America, thereby leaving the field open for American entrepreneurs.

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

My U.S. teacher has asked  us to choose one a particular theme to blog about. I picked the "American Dream". The issue appealed to me because it's about the future, and I'm worried about the future. This article reports that the American Dream is increasingly out of reach. Traditionally, the American Dream has included such comforts as a house, car, family, or vacations. These were seen as rewards for hard work. But the average American would need to earn $842.00 per month to afford these amenities. Apparently, the middle class is shrinking. Hopefully, this trend will reverse by the time I'm working.